Rubik Reviewed in NPR

May 15,2018

Happy one week pub anniversary to Rubik! And what a good way to celebrate with a FANTASTIC review in NPR! 

“Whatever your jam is — mind-bending logic, beautiful, lyrical writing, or a deep dive into contemporary life — there is something brilliant here for everyone.“

We’re excited for this wonderful collection to be available in North America finally and we hope you find something in Elizabeth Tan’s hilariously dark puzzle. Check out the full article here!

Rubik is available where ever books are sold!


MEM Makes Washington Post’s Best Science Fiction List

May 03,2018

“MEM is a short, satisfying work made poignant by Elsie’s voice. The story unfolds as Elsie learns more about herself and the original Dolores. More important, Elsie holds up a mirror to her human counterparts, and the reader as well.“

In the lead up to the much anticipated MEM by Bethany C. Morrow, the @washingtonpost included the novel in their Best Science Fiction and Fantasy titles for the month of May! We are overjoyed by the reception MEM has met and cannot wait for you to get your hands on this slim, lasting book. Check out the full list here!


MEM is available for preorder now!