New Books from Unnamed Press

March 2017

For Love of the Dollar

J.M. Servín

December 2016

The Show House

Dan Lopez

January 2017

West Virginia

Joe Halstead

June 2017

Fingerprints of Previous Owners

Rebecca Entel

May 2017

Florence in Ecstasy

Jessie Chaffee

June 2017

Blue Money

Janet Capron

May 2017

Hooper's Revolution

Dennie Wendt

July 2017

Djinn City

Saad Z. Hossain


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Author Helaine Olen on ‘Blue Money’

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February 24,2017

Publishers Showcase Catalog from the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

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February 22,2017

‘The Shooting’ and ‘West Virginia’ at Barnes & Noble in NYC

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February 16,2017

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