Famous Adopted People

Alice Stephens

Debut novelist Alice Stephens combines dark humor and a keen wit to examine the profound implications of not knowing where you come from; and how our perceptions of an unknown world reflect deeper truths about our own.

Seoul, South Korea: When Mindy first drags her best friend and fellow Korean American adoptee, Lisa Pearl, to the MotherFinders agency, Lisa is on the fence about finding her birth mother. After a major falling out with Mindy, hard-partying Lisa turns her attention to a possible fling with Harrison, the MotherFinders almost supernaturally handsome fixer.

What begins as a romantic dinner date with Harrison quickly turns sinister after Lisa wakes up inside a palatial mountain compound, the captive of a glamorous, surgically-enhanced blonde named Honey.

Honey’s world is populated by a cast of international misfits—a South African personal assistant, a Russian doctor, a Japanese chef, and an array of ex-pat criminal guests—all loitering in extravagant imprisonment. Forced to come to terms with why she is there, Lisa must reconcile Honey’s true identity, and the fact that all of this can only be happening in one place: North Korea.